Trello app on an iPhone beside a Macbook.
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Trello is a powerhouse project management tool with one of the best kanban board options available. Although Trello makes it very easy to work with your projects from within any web browser, there’s also a desktop app available for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Why would you want to install yet another application on your MacBook or iMac when a browser will do? Well, first of all, when you use the official app on macOS, you get better desktop notifications. Sure, you can get Trello notifications within a browser, but to enjoy that feature you must have that Trello tab open at all times. With the Trello app, those notifications will appear if the app is open or not.

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Another feature found in the desktop app and not the browser version is more keyboard shortcuts, such as:

  • CMND + 1-9: Opens boards you’ve starred and easily switch between them.
  • CMND+ SHIFT + D: Sets a default board. Once set, you can switch to it with CMND+D.
  • CMND + R: Make any recent changes go live immediately.
  • CMND + SHIFT+B: View a list of all your boards.
  • CMND + SHIFT + N: Opens a new Trello app window.
  • CMND + Plus: Zoom in.
  • CMND + Minus: Zoom out.
  • CMND + 0: Go to default zoom.
  • CMND + P: Print or save the page to a PDF.
  • CMND + [: Go to the previous page.
  • CMND + ]: Go forward (only available after using the previous shortcut).

You can also create custom shortcuts for things like opening the Trello app and the Quick Add feature. You’ll also see new activity as a badge on the Trello icon on the macOS dock, and the Trello app works with the macOS built-in spell-check.

How to install Trello for macOS

Installing Trello for macOS is very simple. All you have to do is open the App Store, search for Trello, click the official app entry, click Get (Figure A) and then click Install.

Figure A

The official Trello app is found in the Apple App Store.
The official Trello app is found in the Apple App Store.

Once installed, you’ll find the Trello launcher in the macOS Launchpad. Open the app and you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account (Figure B).

Figure B

The Trello app sign-in prompt.
The Trello app sign-in prompt.

Once you’ve successfully signed into Trello, you should see your default board if you’ve set one (Figure C).

Figure C

My default Trello board appears as soon as I open the app.
My default Trello board appears as soon as I open the app.

If you click the gear icon at the top right of the Trello app window, you’ll gain access to the settings. Within the settings window (Figure D), you can enable the Badge feature, set a Global Shortcut to open the app, configure the Quick Add shortcut, set the window style and enable spell check.

Figure D

The Trello app settings window.
The Trello app settings window.


There you have it. If you use a macOS device and frequent your Trello boards, you would be remiss if you didn’t install and interact with your Trello account via this official application.

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