Collections is a great feature that was added to Apple Maps in iOS 13. Although this new iOS 13 feature hasn’t received much fanfare, collections is great to use when you’re sharing locations with friends, family, and coworkers when they’re traveling or planning a trip.

I’ll show you what the collections feature is all about, including how to make your own Apple Maps collection and more.

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What are collections in Apple Maps?

You can add one or more of your favorite locations in Apple Maps when you use collections, which is a folder of sorts. After you add a location in the collection, you can sort the collection by Name, Distance, and Date Added and then share the collection with another iOS user via AirDrop, iMessage, or other share option.

You access collections by opening the Apple Maps app and swiping up on the bottom view to reveal the full Favorites, Collections, and Recents view (Figure A). Note: On iPads, expand the Favorites, Collections, and Recents view by swiping down on the panel instead of swiping up.

Figure A

The Favorites, Collections, and Recents view.

How to create a collection

To create a collection, swipe up on the Favorites, Collections, and Recents view, and tap the New Collection button.

This takes you to the Add View (Figure B), where you can name the collection and specify an optional image for it. If you don’t specify an image, Apple Maps will attempt to create one based on the locations you add.

Figure B

Give the collection a unique name (e.g., a trip or points of interest) so it will be easy to find it later.

How to add and remove items in a collection

To add or remove items in a collection, follow these steps.

  1. Expand the Apple Maps Favorites, Collections, and Recents view.

  2. Tap the collection you wish to modify.

  3. From here, swipe right to left on an item to get the Remove option (Figure C), or to add a new item, tap the + button at the bottom of the view, then search for a place or address using the search view like you normally would in Maps.

Figure C

Adding or removing an item in a collection is easy and allows updating or modifying existing collections with new places.

You can add any item to a collection if you’ve already searched for a location. Tap the location, then tap the Add To button and the collection you wish to add the item to.

Now that you’ve added a collection to Apple Maps, you can more easily organize your favorites, plan an upcoming trip, or share locations. Collections are a great way to keep your favorite locations organized for future reference and planning.