Users can now blur out their surroundings during a Skype video call, according to a Skype blog post on Wednesday. This feature allows remote workers and employees who work from home to keep their background and location more private during a conference call, subtly blurring the space behind them.

Skype’s background blur is similar to that of MIcrosoft Teams, the post said. Here is how to use it:

  1. Open Skype
  2. Click the camera button on your screen
  3. Toggle the “blur my background” button to the right

You can also go through Skype settings, or just right click, according to the post..

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Background Blur in both Skype and Teams uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect human forms and keep them in focus during the call. The tech can also detect hair, hands, and arms, making the background blur integrate smoothly, the post said.

Last year, Microsoft introduced multiple changes to the Skype platform, making it more appealing and relevant to business users. It added video chat with screen sharing at 1080p with up to 24 people, mentions in group chats, file sharing up to 300MB, call recording, and encrypted text and audio chat.

All of these additions make Skype much easier and usable for business professionals communicating with clients and coworkers in or out of the office.

Check out this TechRepublic article to learn more about how Skype is helpful in the workplace.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Skype adds a blurred background feature that places the main video subject in focus. — Skype, 2019
  • The tool is ideal for remote workers or those that work from home, as they don’t have to worry about their surroundings during a conference call.