HubSpot tops Glassdoor's 100 Best Places to Work in 2020 Awards

The Boston-area marketing firm bested last year's winner Bain & Co., which claimed the No. 2 spot.

The 10 best companies to work for in 2019

For the first time, Boston-area HubSpot was named the top large company to work at in Glassdoor's 12th annual Employees' Choice Awards, which honors the Best Places to Work in 2020. 

The social media marketing software firm beat out last year's top-ranked company, the management consultancy Bain & Co. in the job and recruiting site's awards.

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There were 31 tech companies named for 2020, up from 29 in 2019, according to Glassdoor Senior Economic Research Analyst Amanda Stansell. Companies that moved down the list from last year included: Google (#11; dropped three spots), Facebook (#23; dropped 16 spots), and Apple (#84; dropped 13 spots).

There were nine tech newcomers on the 2020 list, including SurveyMonkey at #33, Dell Technologies at #67; and Slack at #69.

Award qualifications

Glassdoor's awards are based on employee reviews, and there is "no pay to play, no barriers to entry; it is solely based on reviews from last year,'' Stansell noted.

To qualify, each company must have an overall rating of at least 3.5 and at least 30 approved reviews. Other considerations were workplace factors such as career opportunities, compensation and benefits, culture and values, senior management, and work/life balance, during an eligibility period from Oct. 23, 2018, to Oct. 21, 2019.

All large US companies also needed to have 75 approved reviews to be eligible for inclusion, Stansell added.

When Glassdoor reviewed the data for the 2020 best companies they found, "there's three big themes that stand out for HubSpot: Their employees love the people they work with, and how smart, innovative, and supportive their teammates are,'' she said. "They also talked about the really great benefits" HubSpot offers, "such as unlimited paid time off and parental leave. They really invest in learning and development … and have a really supportive leadership and environment at work."

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"HubSpot works hard to create a truly diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone can feel comfortable bringing their true selves to work," read one review from a HubSpot Renewals Account.Manager in Cambridge, Mass.

A few employee reviews mentioned HubSpot's Culture Code, and Stansell said that this indicates "they're frequently keeping track of their culture. So they clearly care about the employee work experience and … employees clearly love working there."

It is "still pretty incredible that Bain has been on the list all 12 years" Glassdoor has done the awards, she added, of the No. 2 winner. "One of the areas needing improvement that we see bubbling up [at Bain] is long hours and challenging workloads."

SurveyMonkey was the highest-ranking tech newcomer, Stansell said. "It's a really fast-growing company and employees highlight the really transparent leadership and work/life balance and that they care about employees' health and the opportunity to do really challenging and interesting work."

Tech industry dominates list

Technology is the top industry, representing just over 30% of the companies on the list. Stansell cited the "fierce competition between tech employers to retain employees, so they're investing in talent,'' as a reason.

Given that tech comprises only 30% of companies on the list, "we see companies across various industries—from government to education to healthcare to consulting—which is great news for job seekers in different industries as well as across the country," she said.

Glassdoor also looked at job openings at the best companies to work at, and while the assumption may be that a lot of the tech companies are located in Silicon Valley, "we see open roles in places like Pittsburgh to Austin, Texas,'' she said.

Newcomers AppFolio and Yardi Systems are hiring in Santa Barbara, CA, and newcomer Epic is hiring in Madison, WI, according to Glassdoor.

Besides Bain, Google, and Apple have appeared on Glassdoor's list all 12 years of the awards.

In addition to the 31 tech companies, the other top industries on the list were healthcare (nine companies); retail (eight companies); and manufacturing (eight companies).

The top four headquarter metros for large companies are the San Francisco Bay area (20 companies); New York City (nine companies); Boston (eight companies) and Los Angeles (five companies).

Top 31 tech companies

Here are the top 31 tech companies among Glassdoor's Best Places to Work in 2020:

  • HubSpot (#1)
  • DocuSign (#3)
  • Ultimate Software (#8)
  • Google (#11)
  • LinkedIn (#12)
  • MathWorks (#16)
  • NVIDIA (#20)
  • Microsoft (#21)
  • Facebook (#23)
  • Compass (#32)
  • SurveyMonkey (#33)
  • Salesforce (#34)
  • Kronos Incorporated (#35)
  • VMware (#36)
  • Adobe (#39)
  • AppFolio (#45)
  • SAP (#48)
  • CDW (#51)
  • Yardi Systems (#53)
  • JDA Software (#57)
  • Nextiva (#64)
  • Paycom (#65)
  • Dell Technologies (#67)
  • Slack (#69)
  • Intuit (#70)
  • Noom (#75)
  • UST Global (#76)
  • Cisco Systems (#77)
  • Apple (#84)
  • Epic (#96)
  • Intel Corporation (#100)

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