IBM points Watson at the marketing world with Advertising Accelerator

CES 2020 announcement says this will make it easier for brands and marketers to use machine learning to optimize ads before they go live.

How Watson AI allows IBM's Advertising Accelerator to do three key things
How Watson AI allows IBM's Advertising Accelerator to do three key things

IBM's latest Watson-powered product is the Advertising Accelerator announced at CES 2020.

The predictive audience tool uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to identify and recommend creative assets most likely to drive engagement in a target audience. The new tool helps media buyers and brands improve the effectiveness and performance of advertising campaigns, before an ad is served. 
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By enabling hyper-personalized advertising, the solution can help media buyers and brands in these areas:

  • Anticipation: Predicts the creative elements to drive engagement
  • Segmentation: Discovers new audience segments based on message resonance to help expand a message to untapped audiences
  • Revelation: Analyzes each campaign from a creative and audience perspective, extracting insights on the highest and lowest performing experiences

IBM Advertising Accelerator with Watson makes AI more accessible to advertisers by driving faster predictive models and actionable insights. The new solution continuously learns and predicts, helping advertisers to better understand a particular audience and its content preferences. 

For more, check out the CES 2020 Preview on CNET.     

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