IBM is taking a Security Operations Center (SOC) on the road in the form of a mobile command center in the back on a semi truck. The IBM X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC), announced in a Monday press release, will be traveling around the US and Europe to provide various forms of security support, the release said.

C-TOC will work on education through response drills, provide on-site support, and be used to conduct training, according to the release. While geared toward professionals, it will also be used with consumers and students.

The tractor trailer-housed SOC is based on mobile command centers seen in the military, the release said. The IBM X-Force C-TOC features a security watch floor that is controlled by gestures, along with conference center and data center facilities. Here’s a look at the command center in action:

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Up to two dozen individuals can be hosted in the facilities, including operators, staff, and analysts, the release said. It features self-sustaining power, along with satellite and cell communications–so it can be deployed in a host of environments.

As noted in IBM’s 2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study, companies that respond to a data breach within 30 days or less can save more than $1 million in total damages. However, more than a quarter of respondents to that survey didn’t have an incident response plan.

As such, the C-TOC will have a heavy focus on boosting incident response for victims of major cyberattacks, by helping them simulate future attacks and learn advanced defense strategies. The rolling SOC will also provide on-site support.

“One potential use-case being explored is supporting sporting events or other large gatherings where supplemental cybersecurity resources may be needed,” the release said.

Additionally, the C-TOC will be used for industry events and at universities to help people understand what a real cyber incident is like.

“Experiencing a major cyberattack is one of the worst crisis a company can face, and the leadership, skills and coordination required is not something you want to test out for the first time when you’re facing a real attack,” Caleb Barlow, vice president of Threat Intelligence at IBM Security, said in the release. “Having a mobile facility that allows us to bring realistic cyberattack preparation and rehearsal to a larger, global audience will be a game changer in our mission to improve incident response efforts for organizations around the world.”

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • The IBM X-Force C-TOC is a fully-operation, security center on wheels, housed in a tractor trailer on the back of a semi truck.
  • The The IBM X-Force C-TOC will provide on-site security support, training, and attack simulation for professionals, students, and consumers.