Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Transportation, education, and communications are the three industries that pay tech workers the highest salaries on average. — Hired, 2018
  • The average tech salary across all industries globally is $135,000. — Hired, 2018

Tech jobs across every industry continue to boom, but certain fields will net IT pros a higher average salary than others, according to the new State of Salaries 2018 report from Hired.

Hired examined its 2017 data on real technology workers, including software engineers, designers, product managers, and data analysts. The average tech worker makes about $135,000, the report found, but those in certain industries may make more.

Since 35% of hiring decision makers expect employees to quit in the next year, this may be a good time for tech professionals to reevaluate the hottest industries for their tech skills.

The report also examined which positions in tech had the most earning potential. Project managers were No. 1, with an average salary of $145,000, followed by software engineering ($137,000), data analytics ($137,000), and design ($127,000). The most requested positions by companies were full stack engineer, backend engineer, frontend engineer, DevOps engineer, and mobile engineer.

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“Demand for tech workers is growing and aside from a slight salary dip for data analytics roles in 2016, salary offers for every role have continually increased since 2015,” Mehul Patel, CEO of Hired, said in a press release. “Product management roles were offered the most on average, while JavaScript, Java, and Python are the most in-demand skills.”

Here are the eight industries with the highest tech worker salaries, on average:

1. Transportation

Average tech salary: $145,000

The transportation technology sector–which includes rideshare, car share, and delivery companies–far exceeds the average tech salary globally, the report found.

2. Education

Average tech salary: $135,000

With K-12 schools and colleges alike increasingly adopting technology in various forms in and out of the classroom, tech workers are needed to keep everything up and running.

3. Communications

Average tech salary: $133,000

The communications industry is poised for major technology disruptions in the coming years, with networking changes and the rise of 5G mobile networks.

4. Retail

Average tech salary: $126,000

Tech including the Internet of Things (IoT), bluetooth sensors, and big data has infiltrated the retail space, helping stores better connect with customers.

5. Technology

Average tech salary: $126,000

No surprise here: The tech industry itself is the bedrock of all technology jobs, as companies compete to bring innovative products and services to market.

6. Entertainment

Average tech salary: $118,000

Changes in entertainment content distribution, such as video streaming and platforms, may be leading to more tech jobs in this industry.

7. Healthcare

Average tech salary: $115,000

The rise of electronic medical records (EMR) and connected healthcare systems has led to a revolution in healthcare tech, as well as the need for greater security.

8. Financial services

Average tech salary: $111,000

Online banking, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain have led to major digital transformation in the financial services space.