Cam Howey, one of our Canadian members, recently reminded me that it’s easy to print multiple slides on a single piece of paper. The default is one slide per one sheet of paper, but as Cam reminded me, doing so isn’t economical or efficient, and it certainly isn’t green. Instead, unless you have a specific reason for doing otherwise, print multiple slides on a single sheet of paper as follows:

  1. From the File menu, choose Print.
  2. Click the Properties button (for the printer).
  3. Every printer is different, but you should find a Pages Per Sheet option on a Layout tab (or something similar).
  4. Choose the appropriate number of pages per sheet. Within this context, one page equals one PowerPoint slide. Most likely, your printer’s properties page will update a sample page, so you can get an idea of how well the multiple slides will work on a single sheet.
  5. Click OK twice to print the slides, accordingly.

Be quick to cancel the print task if the first page doesn’t suit your needs. You might need to experiment a bit before you get just the right mix. As you can imagine, the more slides you print to one sheet, the smaller the images will be. You can use these multiple slide pages to document or review a presentation, and you’ll save paper.
All of the Office applications offer this printing capability. Knowing it exists is the key — and that the printer, not Office, determines where you’ll find the option.