Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the world. Whether you’re new to the popular programming language, you’re already a Python developer, or your business is hiring Python developers, check out this must-read content about Python. For starters, don’t miss TechRepublic Chief Reporter Nick Heath’s in-depth interview with Python creator Guido van Rossum.

The top 20 tech skills of the past 5 years
Python and AWS saw the biggest growth over the past five years, while Oracle saw a significant decline, Indeed found.

Python bests Java for number 2 spot on GitHub’s list of most popular languages
Python moves into second place on GitHub’s list of top programming languages and Dart tops the list of fastest-growing languages.

Python programming language: A cheat sheet
This guide explores what Python is used for, how it compares to other programming languages, and developer resources for building skills in Python.

A beginner’s guide to Python: Books, tutorials, videos, use cases, and developers’ favorite tools
The Python programming language is red hot. Learn about Python’s origins, how Microsoft and Netflix use the programming language, and resources for developers and hiring managers.

The top 20 tech skills of the past 5 years
Python and AWS saw the biggest growth over the past five years, while Oracle saw a significant decline, Indeed found.

Why Python is considered the top programming language ahead of JavaScript and C++
A study conducted by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) put Python at the top of the list of favorite languages among such contenders as Java, JavaScript, C++, and Go.

Python is eating the world: How one developer’s side project became the hottest programming language on the planet (cover story PDF)
Nick Heath talks to Python creator Guido van Rossum about how his side project became one of the most used programming languages.

Learn Python: Online training courses for beginning developers and coding experts
TechRepublic has partnered with top training providers to offer online courses, bootcamps, and master classes for Python, one of the most in-demand programming languages.

How ChocoPy uses Python and RISC-V to teach compiler creation
ChocoPy uses a modern, well-known language and platform for computer science instruction, avoiding legacy cruft from aging CISC platforms.

Want to get new Python features sooner? Proposal to update programming language every 12 months
The proposal by Python Core Developer Lukasz Langa suggests updating Python every 12 months, but making releases smaller to compensate.

The top programming languages of 2019: Python is number one, say, engineers
The most popular languages according to the world’s largest organization for engineering and applied science.

How to write four million lines of Python: Lessons from Dropbox on using the programming language at scale
How type annotation and type checking helped Dropbox maintain a massive Python code base.

Python programming language: ‘Advanced security features’ will help block malicious PyPI packages
Work on systems to root out malicious software libraries is due to get underway in December.

Migrating from Python 2 to Python 3: A guide to preparing for the 2020 deadline
With just four months to go until support ends for Python 2, there are still some developers and projects that haven’t made the switch to Python 3.

Is Python’s popularity peaking? Will the programming language’s limitations end its rapid rise?
With Python behind other languages in important areas like mobile support, there’s debate about how long its meteoric rise will continue.

Learning Python: Best free books, tutorials and videos
Where to get started if you want to learn Python? Thankfully there’s a wealth of free resources out there, including books, sites, videos, and even courses.

Python knocks R and Perl down the list of most popular programming languages
Perl dropped to an all-time low on the most recent TIOBE Index that ranked the 20 most popular programming languages.

Python programming language: PyOxidizer tackles ‘existential threat’ posed by app distribution problem
PyOxidizer is a new utility designed to turn Python code into a single executable file that can be run on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Why Python is outpacing R and SQL in data science
Data scientists are adopting specialized skillsets and programming languages to differentiate themselves in a growing field, according to Harnham.

How Netflix uses Python: Streaming giant reveals its programming language libraries and frameworks
The company has detailed the ways it uses Python.

The creator of Python on how the programming language is learning from TypeScript
Guido van Rossum talked about useful type-annotation features in TypeScript, which have inspired similar features in Python.

Python: 5 use cases for programmers
Python is among the fastest-growing and most popular programming languages out there today. Here are a few ways to use the coding language across industries.

Learning programming languages for free: GitHub’s best guides for Python developers
The highest-ranked repositories on GitHub related to learning how to code in Python.

Programming languages: Python developers reveal their favorite tools
The number of developers using Python primarily for data analysis has increased to 50%, the 2018 Python Developers survey reported. This article provides more details about the findings and the top five uses for the programming language.

How Python made it big at Microsoft
If your company is slow to embrace open source, take heart from Microsoft’s Python experience.

Hiring kit: Python developer
This PDF download from TechRepublic Premium contains a general job description, sample interview questions, and covers general information to help determine who is right for a Python developer job.

Don’t miss this Python coverage on ZDNet

Google reveals new Python programming language course: Scholarships for 2,500
Google creates a new Python training certificate to boost your chances of getting a job.

Netflix: Our Metaflow Python library for faster data science is now open source
Netflix’s Metaflow Python tool helps data scientists deploy machine-learning models to production faster.

Tech jobs: Python programming language and AWS skills demand has exploded
SQL and Java feature the most in US tech job listings, but Python is catching up fast.

Developer: Demand for Python skills has exploded
SQL and Java feature the most in US tech job listings, but Python is catching up fast.

Programming languages: Python is now more popular than Java
Developers love Python, Microsoft’s GitHub says, also revealing the site’s biggest open-source projects.

Python skills boom, in-demand jobs, self-driving cars, and more: Tech research round-up
All the facts and figures that matter to you and your business from the past month in technology news.

Github tops 40 million developers as Python, data science, machine learning popularity surges
Github, owned by Microsoft, said it had more than 10 million new users, 44 million repositories created and 87 million pull requests in the last 12 months.

Programming language popularity: Python tightens its grip at the top
Python retains its top spot as the most popular language for electrical and electronics engineers.

Programming languages: How Instagram’s taming a multimillion-line Python monster
Instagram proposes “strict modules” to help manage massive and fast-moving Python projects.

Microsoft: We want you to learn Python programming language for free
Microsoft’s new free video course helps aspiring programmers learn Python… and then build AI apps on Azure.

Java and Python programming languages in demand as skills shortage widens
The skills shortage is spreading further, with developers for data science, DevOps and cloud roles in high demand.

Programming languages: JavaScript most used, Python most studied, Go most promising
Coder survey reveals developers’ favourite and up-and-coming languages.

Python vs R and biggest salaries: Top data science job trends
Pay rates for data science jobs and trends in programming languages are revealed in a new report.

Python programming language’s top uses, tools: Developers reveal their choices
Data analysis overtook web development among Python developers last year.