Nearly three-fourths of people say they don’t want companies to use artificial intelligence (AI) if it means infringing on their privacy, new Genpact research found.

The survey of over 5,000 people from the US, UK, and Australia found that only 6% of respondents say they are very comfortable with personal data being used to customize the user experience. Nearly two-thirds–63%–are concerned AI will make choices that impact them without their knowledge.

For protection, 59% think their government should do more to protect consumers’ personal data from AI machines.

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Younger generations are more likely to see value of AI compared to those over 55, the study found. When asked about the advantages of AI, 55% of those over age 55 said it didn’t apply to them because AI doesn’t personally benefit them.

For the younger respondents, key benefits of AI include less human error, saving time, and increased productivity.

The findings come as more businesses are investing heavily in AI, both internally and externally. A past Genpact report found 88% of senior tech executives expect AI to lead to better customer experiences within three years. Companies that need consumers’ acceptance of AI may need to protect data more heavily and communicate those efforts to the public.

Industries using AI in more unusual ways may have a harder path to convincing customers, the report suggested. Respondents said the technology and industrial manufacturing industries will see the biggest benefit from AI, while other industries with a potential for direct consumer impact like retail and healthcare ranked lower.

Additionally, few respondents knowingly interacted with AI on a regular basis, with 25% saying they never use AI. Companies may need to be transparent about how AI is currently and could be used, and how data is safeguarded.

But there is good news: The more a person uses AI, the more they seem to like it, the report found. While 41% said AI has made no difference in their life, 34% said it has had a positive impact–three times the 11% that said it has had a negative impact.

Want to use this information in your next presentation? Feel free to copy and paste these statistics:

  • 63% of consumers are worried AI will make impactful choices without them knowing. -Genpact, 2017
  • 59% think their government should do more to ensure their data is protected from AI. -Genpact, 2017
  • 71% of consumers fear AI will infringe on their personal privacy in some way. -Genpact, 2017