Machine learning has swept enterprise technology, using mass amounts of data and algorithms to make predictions. Between improving the retail shopping experience, security functionality, cloud operations, and more, machine learning has infiltrated almost every industry.

“Machine learning expands boundaries of the possible, such as detecting fraud, predicting claims, and diagnosing cancer into the cutting-edge of automation and enterprise computing,” stated Analytics Insight magazine.

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In their July 2018 issue, Analytics Insight outlined the 10 most innovative companies in machine learning. Here are the firms that made the list.

1. Algolux

Algolux uses machine learning to conduct autonomous vision and improve imaging and computer vision systems.

2. AntWorks

AntWorks uses automation, digitization, and enterprise intelligence to gain insight into data. The company offers tools such as robotic process automation (RPA), many of which are powered by Fractal Science, the company claims.

3. Dotphoton

Dotphoton is an image compression solution that uses a new file format with impressive storage space and the ability to transmit high-quality photo and video.

4. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield uses machine learning to help marketers increase revenue through personalization, automatic optimization, recommendations, and messaging.

5. HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies

HEALTH[at]SCALE Technologies uses machine learning to improve healthcare costs, satisfaction, and outcomes. They can pair patients with the best treatment and provider for their cases.

6. Scaled Inference

Scaled Inference uses its autonomous optimization platform to promote business growth through personalized experiences.

7. Smadex

Smadex is a mobile-first solution powered by machine learning for branding and performance marketers.

8. SoundHound

SoundHound develops voice-recognition, natural language understanding, and sound-recognition through machine learning.

9. Statice

Statice develops privacy technologies that let companies open their data to outside parties, collaborate with external sources, and build new business cases.

10. Zimperium

Zimperium provides mobile device security. Their machine learning implementation protects mobile data from being compromised, companies from suffering network attacks, and professionals from falling victim to malicious apps or phishing attempts.