Save time with multiple control selection in Access

Whether you design forms or reports, you will most likely need to make the same modification to more than one control at a time. Fortunately, you don't have to modify each one separately. Here are some tricks for using multiple control selection in Access.

When you need to make the same change to a number of nonadjacent controls in Access, click one of them, and then hold [Shift] while you select the others. To select adjacent cells, click outside one control and then drag across the others to draw a rectangle around them. This will select all controls within the rectangle.

If you are making a change to all the controls on a report or form, you can select them all at once by pressing [Ctrl][A]. You can also use the ruler to select adjacent controls. Click anywhere on either the horizontal or vertical ruler to select all controls under or to the right of the clicked mark; or, you can just drag your mouse along the ruler to select everything below. If you find that you have selected a control that you do not wish to change, simply hold [Shift] and click to deselect it.

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