laptop running WordLift SEO Tool for Google Sheets
Image: StackCommerce

One of the most important elements of any digital marketing strategy is to find ways to generate traffic to your landing pages. While there are many techniques, one of the most budget-friendly is search engine optimization because it ideally leverages Google’s algorithm to make your site the first rank for search terms.

Even if you don’t know the first thing about SEO, there are no shortage of SEO tools available. However, not all SEO tools are cost-effective, and many require some technical expertise. If you’re looking for a beginner- and budget-friendly solution, consider WordLift SEO Tool for Google Sheets.

WordLift has earned 4.8 stars on both Capterra and GetApp because it helps you build a knowledge graph to overhaul your SEO strategy in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is input your website’s URL, and WordLift automatically analyzes your search engine result pages, identifying the most relevant entries, and builds a Knowledge Graph from scratch to help you identify your best opportunities for ranking highly across a variety of terms.

Making it work is simple. Set the WordLift key and connect the domain to the Google Search console, and you’ll have performance data in just a moment. From there, you can import entities to your site to mark up content to improve your SEO and overhaul the way you’re creating content. This SEO tool works on any website and leverages automation to make everything as simple as possible.

With a Premium subscription to WordLift SEO Tool for Google Sheets, you’ll have support for up to three domains. Get it for life for just $49 today.

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