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Workflow platform provider ServiceNow on Thursday rolled out Now Platform Rome, which is designed to empower organizations to adapt to the hybrid work era. The new release aims to help organizations manage the employee burnout crisis and scale automation and app development across the enterprise, the company said.

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“The rapid onset of hybrid work has accelerated the digital imperative and forever changed 21st century business models,” said Chirantan “CJ” Desai, chief product officer at ServiceNow, in a statement. “Our customers need digital platforms that enable seamless, compelling employee and customer experiences in any environment, and help them stay agile, resilient and productive.”

Reducing employee burnout with simple, engaging experiences

The Now Platform Rome release is designed to deliver new employee-focused offerings via a unified employee experience platform. The idea is to let organizations create simple, engaging employee experiences from anywhere, the company said.

The new offerings include:

  • Employee Center serves as the digital command center for the hybrid workforce. It provides a single, connected interface for employees to quickly and easily find information, get help across departments – including IT, HR, facilities, procurement, and legal – and request the services they need. It integrates with Microsoft Teams to meet employees where they are.

Employee Center is designed to reduce the time it takes employees to look for help and cuts out application fatigue by integrating necessary information in one place. Organizations can curate information and services into dynamic, personalized topic pages that aim to make it easy for employees to find the answers they need.

  • Employee Journey Management guides employees with connected experiences for cross-departmental journeys such as onboarding, work transitions and off-boarding. It also enables HR teams and managers to personalize resources, plans and needs with no-code tools on the same platform.

Some 3.6 million Americans switched jobs in May 2021 alone, with burnout cited as a main driver of departures – so digital transformation is no longer only a driver of growth and productivity, ServiceNow said. It is imperative to help employees find a better balance in the hybrid world of work and keep them creative, productive, and engaged, the company said.

Accelerating automation across the entire enterprise

The shift to hybrid work, compounded by widening talent shortages, is accelerating automation across the enterprise. Automation at scale will be critical for businesses to alleviate employees from managing mundane tasks and free them up to focus on projects that drive business value, the company said.

The Now Platform Rome release is embedded with new AI and automation capabilities with the goal of empowering IT teams to work smarter, simpler and more efficiently from anywhere, the company said. It includes:

  • Automation Discovery identifies the top 10 opportunities for automating work from more than 180 topics with ServiceNow applications, such as virtual agent, auto-routing and agent assist.

  • Health Log Analytics Enhancements is designed to detect issues before they occur and impact users, as well as automates issue resolution, by using ITOM predictive AIOps. This extends ServiceNow’s ITOM Predictive AIOps – previously launched with the Now Platform Quebec release, and is built on Loom Systems technology, the company said.

New mobile experiences

Every company is now a software company, reinventing and creating new business models with digital products and services, ServiceNow noted. In the hybrid world of work, employees and customers need access to critical business apps from anywhere via mobile.

With the goal of addressing the needs of an increasingly on-the-go workforce, ServiceNow is introducing Mobile App Builder to help developers rapidly build and configure mobile apps for iOS and Android with a single intuitive interface, enhanced functionality and guided experiences.

Creating customer experiences aimed at solving issues quickly

Organizations must be able to scale service operations to deal with heightened customer expectations and requests, providing customer service agents and teams with the information they need to resolve customer requests quickly, from anywhere and on any platform.

The Now Platform Rome release aims to help businesses across every industry solve issues faster and deliver better customer experiences, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. The new Customer Service Playbooks: Focused Layout aims to enhance the user experience and help agents resolve issues faster, so they can focus on key process tasks and data that drive better business outcomes.

In terms of privacy, ServiceNow said it believes in “privacy by design,” and built privacy and security “into every aspect of the Now Platform.” The Now Platform Rome release includes its new privacy management app, which aims to let companies manage privacy risk and compliance in real-time.