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Citrix RightSignature and signNow are two of the top e-signature and document management solutions, each offering its own set of features and capabilities to its users. This article provides an analysis of some of the common and varying aspects of these e-signature tools to determine the best option for your document management needs.

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What is signNow?

signNow is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides e-signature and document management solutions.

What is Citrix RightSignature?

Citrix RightSignature is an electronic document signature solution that supports users in creating, sharing and returning their e-signature documentation.

signNow vs. Citrix RightSignature: Feature comparison

Handwritten signatureYesYes
Knowledge-based authenticationNoYes
Template builderYesYes
Reminders and notificationsYesYes
Document embedding capabilitiesYesYes
Live chatYesNo

Head-to-head comparison: signNow vs. Citrix RightSignature

Template builder

With signNow, users can create templates for e-signatures right on the platform. They can do so by uploading documents from their device or cloud storage space, or by turning their existing documents into templates. The drag-and-drop fillable fields can be utilized to indicate areas for signatures, dates and other text to be filled out by the signer. Users can alter template field sizes with the Adjust Size tool and place dropdowns and checkboxes on their document templates. Users can even create annotations and comments on the document for signers and users to reference. Finally, the completed template can be saved or shared with other team members within the system.

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RightSignature enables users to create template documents to be used and shared with their team. They can do so by uploading a file from their computer or cloud, preparing the document and designating the sender roles. These roles should include the titles of the parties that will sign the cloned copies of the template. With the Tools menu, users may edit and customize their signNow templates. Next, they can drag form fields to their document, which encompasses text fields, date boxes, collect payment fields, signature boxes, initials, checkboxes and attachment fields. Once completed, the template will be accessible to every user on the RightSignature account.

Reminders and notifications

The signNow system utilizes both in-app and email notifications. These notifications keep users informed about the document updates. In addition, they help users keep track of document activity and Audit Trail. Users can also set up email notifications for recipients within the Advanced Options for signature invites. These automated emails will remind recipients to sign their documents before the document expires, and they can be set to occur any day before the expiration date.

RightSignature users can set their documents to provide automatic notifications to signers that will remind them to sign their documents if they have yet to do so. The reminder emails will contain secure signing links, and RightSignature provides a 30 reminder limit per document for each signer. Users can configure these to send email notifications to signers weekly or daily, or users can disable them within their account settings. Users may also choose to manually send additional reminder emails by selecting the pending document within the system. Once the document has been executed, voided or expired, the system will no longer send reminders.

Document embedding capabilities

Once users have created their documents in signNow, they can generate a full signing link for document embedding. This is done by first creating a signature invite to eSign the document, setting up restricted scope access and generating a signing link. For signers using iOS and Android devices, an alternative signing link may also be used to provide e-signature signing capabilities via the mobile app automatically. With the help of signature invites and signing links, signNow users can speed up document turnaround from days to hours. Alternatively, users can also integrate signNow’s capabilities with their applications by using the signNow API.

RightShare also enables its users to embed electronic signature documents and templates into their websites. By selecting “Embed in Website” on their template details screen, the system will lead users to the Generate Embed Code screen, where they can review and edit the settings of their embed codes. These configurable settings include the embed display type and methods to identify the signer through email or SMS. Users can also configure these embeds with limits on the number of times the link can be used or establish the number of days that signers may use the link. Once this has been completed, the solution will create an embed code for users to paste into their website’s editor.


The signNow API enables users to develop eSignature workflows to fit their organization’s needs. Once users create an account and receive a sandbox API key, they can use the platform to set up documents, create signature invites and develop their workflows. Users can integrate their eSignature workflows using SDKs for Python, PHP, Java, C# and Node.js.

signNow’s mobile-friendly API allows for documents to be signed and sent for signature remotely. This way, users can send role-based signature invites, embed their documents to their websites and apps, share files and even collect payments wherever and whenever. With PHP SDK using the API, users can automatically fill out forms for signing.

The Citrix Electronic Signature API helps developers automate and integrate electronic signatures with their workflow processes to fit their specific needs. Users can generate custom documents, request signatures, receive status notifications on signatures and export their documents and data. They can also add and embed signatures and documents to their applications and websites.

RightSignature API workflows involve the utilization of reusable templates or one-off document sending requests. Developers who wish to use the Citrix RightSignature API gain access to the Citrix API community. APIs are authenticated with one of two protocols, the private API token or the Oauth 2.0 protocols, to ensure security.

Choosing signNow vs. Citrix RightSignature

Consider each key feature of the tools and how well they would serve your organization. Organizations with fast-paced workflows may benefit from signNow’s in-app notifications, which can send users workflow updates and alerts instantly through the app on their phones. Or maybe your organization utilizes its official website to provide signer’s documentation: In that case, RightShare’s simple embedding capabilities and advanced setting options may make it the better option.

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