Many companies are opening up new jobs and even more workers are looking for something new. Now is the time to make sure your hiring process is efficient and up to date. These four hiring kits from TechRepublic Premium make the process of finding new team members quicker and easier. 

Hiring Kit: Video Game Artist

Recruiters have a complicated task when hiring for this role. The individual has to have a big imagination, solid technical skills and a strong sense of collaboration. This hiring kit will help you write the perfect job posting, screen candidates and set the right salary range.

Hiring Kit: Video Game Writer

Modern video games offer stunning visuals, thrills and affects, but a game would be nothing without an engaging story. This is where the role of the video game writer comes into play. A compelling story and dialogue motivates players to keep playing and it’s the video game writer’s job to develop the story, characters, quests and dialogue. Recruiting a video game writer with the right combination of game development experience and writing expertise will require a comprehensive screening process. This hiring kit is here to help. 

Hiring Kit: Technical Recruiter

This professional is responsible for shaping your entire technical team. This individual has to understand the needs of your company and have enough contacts within the technical world to identify the right person. This hiring kit provides an adjustable framework to find, recruit and ultimately hire the right person for the job.

Hiring Kit: Market Research Analyst

Ideal candidates for a market research analyst will know how to collect, collate, process, quantify, and transform raw data into usable information. These professionals also must be able to identify and explain patterns and trends in data and understand  the influence of customers, competitors and the market in general. This hiring kit will help you identify the best candidate with all those skills as well as good communication skills.