Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Java is the most in-demand tech skill, appearing in 30% of Indeed job postings from August to December 2017.
  • It was the most requested skill in tech hubs San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City, with Agile grabbing the top spot in Austin and Boston.

Java is the most in-demand tech skill right now, according to data from job site Indeed.

Indeed went through hundreds of thousands of tech job listings posted on its site from August to December 2017 to find the percentage of listings asking for each skill.

The top 10 most requested skills across the US and the percentage of job postings they appeared in are below.

SEE: Job description: Java developer (Tech Pro Research)

  1. Java (30%)
  2. Agile (27%)
  3. Javascript (26%)
  4. .NET (19%)
  5. Python (15%)
  6. Microsoft SQL Server (12%)
  7. Oracle (12%)
  8. C or C++ (12%)
  9. Git (11%)
  10. Amazon Web Services (AWS) (11%)

Knowing the top skills employers need can help tech professionals, whether unemployed or looking to advance their career, keep current with trends and make themselves more marketable for available positions.

Only two skills-AWS and Python-overlapped with Indeed’s December list of the tech job skills with the most growth from job seekers-the skills that appeared most frequently when applicants were searching for relevant job postings.

Additionally, Indeed broke down the listings by metro area and provided lists for five top tech hubs: Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, and New York City. Java still held the top spot in San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City, while Agile won out in Boston and Austin.

Here are the ranked lists by metro.

Boston: Agile, Java, Javascript, Python, .NET, AWS, C or C++, Git, Angular_JS, Microsoft SQL Server.

San Francisco: Java, Python, Agile, Javascript, C or C++, AWS, Git, big data, Angular_JS, Ruby

Seattle: Java, .NET, C or C++, Agile, Javascript, Python, AWS, Azure, machine learning, big data

Austin: Agile, Java, Javascript, Python, .NET, AWS, Git, C or C++, Angular_JS, Oracle

New York City: Java, Agile, Javascript, Python, .NET, Oracle, Angular, Microsoft SQL Server, Git, AWS