The tech industry hosts some of the highest-paying jobs in the enterprise; however, tech companies aren’t only comprised of tech professions, according to a Comparably report released Monday.

Using more than 20,000 employee salary records from small, mid-size, and large companies, the report found that many jobs at tech companies don’t require high-level tech skills, making the industry accessible to non-tech professionals.

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Here are the top 15 jobs in the tech sector for non techies, including the main skills and base salary:

1. Sales manager
Skills: Leadership skills, performance management, coaching, sales experience
Base salary: $117,344

2. Business development manager
Skills: Interpersonal skills, written and verbal communications
Base salary: $116,172

3. Sales representative
Skills: Written and verbal communication, and persuasion skills
Base salary: $109,282

4. Human resources manager
Skills: Communication and negotiation skills, people skills
Base salary: $101,269

5. Recruiter
Skills: Written and verbal communication, negotiation skills, analytics, critical thinking skills
Base salary: $93,847

6. Operations manager
Skills: Organizational and operations skills
Base salary: $92,660

7. Account manager
Skills: Value based selling, customer service centric, negotiation.
Base salary: $88,700

8. Marketing manager
Skills: Online marketing, social media, events, and written communication skills
Base salary: $87,448

9. Business analyst
Skills: Communication, problem-solving, analysis, and relationship building skills
Base salary: $83,770

10. Public relations manager
Skills: Written and verbal communication skills
Base salary: $83,329

11. Copy writer/Content writer
Skills: High-level English language capability, large vocabulary, research, writing and grammar skills, and a knack for understanding different points of view
Base salary: $68,197

12. Customer service manager
Skills: Clear communication, time management, empathy, patience, and listening skills, experience in customer service, product knowledge
Base salary: $70,093

13. Accountant
Skills: Math, analytics, and problem-solving skills
Base salary: $63,393

14. Social media manager
Skills: Writing and grammar skills, social media expertise, ability to communicate creatively to different audiences
Base salary: $63,309

15. Office manager
Skills: Communication, negotiation, organization, adaptability, planning, and time management skills
Base salary: $58,884

While the tech sector struggles with a gender pay gap, the same holds true for jobs that don’t require tech skills, the report found. Men, on average, make more than women for every job listed in the study.

Location also matters when it comes to pay, the study found: Salaries for 12 out of the 15 jobs listed were highest nationally in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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