BYOD gets a lot of attention these days, but there are still a lot of workers out there using company-provided equipment at home, which carries its own sets of concerns and policy needs.

Here are five policies for home use of company equipment:

1. Tag and track it.

Use electronic documentation to know who has what and where they have it. Seems obvious, and yet you should make sure.

2. Implement mobile device management and use it.

You should be able to reset passwords, remote wipe lost devices and most of all, keep devices patched.

SEE: Home usage of company-owned equipment policy (Tech Pro Research)

3. Require anti-malware.

You don’t know how secure an employee’s home internet is and you shouldn’t need to. Keep anti-malware installed and up to date.

4. Make sure workers know they are responsible for taking good care of devices.

You don’t have to be unsympathetic but you do need to be clear.

5. Make sure workers aren’t afraid to report problems.

Issues should be reported to the IT department promptly and your IT department should replace faulty equipment as soon as possible.

These are just a few good policies to let workers feel at home with your equipment while at home and to keep your IT department from tearing their hair out. For more, check out these links: