The top tech skill for 2019 is a programming language some may not expect: Solidity, according to an Udemy report released on Tuesday. The language is used for developing smart contracts for Ethereum, a public decentralized blockchain platform, the report said.

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JavaScript is typically the programming language that dominates top 10 most popular or in-demand lists, typically followed by Python, Java, C++, and the like. Solidity, on the other hand, isn’t usually featured or even mentioned. However, with more companies adopting and implementing blockchain technology, knowledge of a blockchain-related programming language may be beneficial for the future.

Here are the other top tech skills to consider in 2019, the report found:

1. Solidity

Using Solidity, programmers can make smart contracts used for voting, crowdfunding, blind auctions, and multi-signature wallets.

2. Houdini Software

Houdini software is a major hitter in 3D animation for special effects, video games, and movies. The software is more math and physics-focused than most traditional 3D tools like 3ds Max or Maya, the report said.

3. PHP Security

The latest version of PHP has revealed more vulnerability and security issues that IT teams must address. PHP programmers should be well experienced in securing PHP web applications, the report found.

4. TensorFlow

An open source machine learning framework, TensorFlow was created by the Google Brain team. The program implements artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network models in a much easier way, providing an open source library for both machine learning and numerical computation.

5. Functional Programming

Javascript programmers have become huge fans of Functional Programming, which is specifically designed for beginner programmers. The concepts involved in Functional Programming are present in most big application codebases.

6. Google Cloud

Multi-cloud strategies are exploding in the enterprise, making products like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure extremely popular. Google Cloud use grew by a whopping 76% in 2017, the report found.

7. Alteryx

The 2018 Alteryx release changed the way data science is used in the business world, helping leaders make more data-driven decisions.

8. Apache Camel

Apache Camel, an open source Java framework, helps make the integration of multiple applications more seamless. It also helps programmers integrate a large number of applications needed to share data.

9. Programming fundamentals

Programming fundamentals are a necessary base-knowledge for all programmers, especially with a shortage of skilled developers in the workforce.

10. System center configuration

Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager gives IT management and security teams a single tool for accessing applications, while keeping data secure.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Solidity, a blockchain program, is the most popular tech skill in 2019. — Udemy, 2019
  • Software and programming languages take up the whole list of tech skills for 2019. — Udemy 2019