You want to illustrate your talk by pointing out selected
areas of your worksheets. Rather than interrupting the flow of your
presentation by having to scroll to and position each area as needed, you could
create custom views in Microsoft Excel, which you can readily access by clicking on a list in your toolbar.

First, you will need to create custom views. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
    and select the worksheet area for your view.
  2. Go to
    View | Custom Views.
  3. Click
    the Add button, and then enter a name for the view and click OK.

Repeat these steps for each custom view you want to present.
To build the custom toolbar for your presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Go
    to Tools | Customize.
  2. Click
    the Toolbar tab and click New.
  3. Enter
    a name for your toolbar (for example, Presentation).
  4. Click
    the Commands tab.
  5. Click
    View under Categories.
  6. Click
    Custom Views under Commands and drag it to your custom toolbar.
  7. Click

To quickly go to a view during your presentation, click the
drop-down arrow on the Custom View button and select the view from the list.

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