Verizon announced the development of its 5G Future Forum on Wednesday, according to a press release. The Forum joins together 5G leaders from around the world in an effort to expedite the deliverance of 5G and mobile edge computing-enabled solutions.

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Founding members of the Forum include América Móvil, KT, Rogers, Telstra, Verizon and Vodafone.

“The forum hopes to establish the groundwork for interoperable 5G cloud computing solutions across key geographic regions, including the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe,” said Janine Grasso, vice president of business development at Verizon.

“It plans to create uniform interoperability specifications and share best practices to improve speed to market for developers and multinational enterprises. In addition, participants plan to collaborate on public and private marketplaces to enhance developers and customers’ access to 5G,” Grasso said.

The group will be meeting regularly and plan to leverage Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona as an international venue to push the alliance forward, Grasso added.

The 5G promise

5G and mobile-edge computing promise low latency networks for connected devices while improving security, reliability, power efficiency, and data transmittance, according to the release.

The powerful nature of 5G connectivity presents promising business consumer use cases across industries, including smart cars in automotive, connected factories in manufacturing, remote telesurgery in healthcare, more substantial infrastructure in energy companies, and more.

“5G is a key enabler of the next global industrial revolution, where technology will transform how we live and work. It’s critical that technology partners around the world unite to create the most seamless global experience for our customers,” said Hans Vestberg, chairman and CEO of Verizon, in the release.

Hype around 5G consumed 2019, but the road to 5G ended up being much longer than people expected. While some mobile providers have slowly begun rolling out 5G devices and coverage, the year 2020 is supposed to be when consumers see 5G launched at scale.

Despite 5G and 2020 supposedly going hand-in-hand, 2020 is here but worldwide 5G at scale is not. Perhaps the road will be even longer. The forum hopes to shorten the wait, however, according to the release.

“This forum of global leaders in 5G marks an important step in ensuring edge computing works seamlessly for our customers,” said Vinod Kumar, CEO of Vodafone Business, in the release.

“These new specifications will allow us to offer services that work consistently across the globe and support devices moving between countries,” Kumar added.

The 5G Future Forum collaboration will help forge these specifications across geographic regions including the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

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This article was updated on Jan. 21 to include Grasso’s comments.