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Verizon launched a new service today that customers can use to build private, custom 5G networks using 5G ultra wideband and other advanced wireless technologies. The service will be available for large enterprise and public sector customers and Verizon will design the networks. The service builds on existing On Site LTE infrastructure and services.

Sampath Sowmyanarayan, chief revenue officer of Verizon Business, said in a press release that this bespoke business service provides 5G networks with the most advanced wireless, MEC and IoT capabilities.

“On Site 5G opens the commercial floodgates for the promises of 5G Ultra Wideband, allowing large enterprises and public sector organizations to custom tailor a 5G experience for any premises that demands it,” Sowmyanarayan said.

The service is a non-standalone private network that combines 5G Ultra Wideband small cells with the LTE packet core and radios of On Site LTE. Current LTE customers can upgrade to the new service. The 5G service uses ultra-wideband and 4G LTE capabilities and connects to an organization’s LAD, SD-WAN and enterprise applications.

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Verizon stated in a press release that the new service will allow authorized remote users to access enterprise applications, but all cellular traffic will stay on-premise. According to the company, On Site 5G offers a scalable, customizable platform to take advantage of developments in Massive IoT, artificial intelligence and machine learning, real-time analytics and augmented reality/virtual reality applications.

The company has built private 5G networks with Corning, the Marine Corps Air Station and Miramar, Mcity at the University of Michigan and WeWork. As part of a broader 5G deployment with the Air Force, Verizon started a 5G project at Tyndall Air Force base.

Many companies are using 5G connectivity to improve customer experiences and daily operations. The NHL is testing immersive AR/VR experiences with Verizon’s ultra-wideband services via 5G and real-time edge computing, for fans attending live hockey games. In May, Verizon also announced a collaboration with 15 NBA to deliver stats and real-time info directly to fans via private 5G networks.

Medical institutions also are using 5G to improve patient care and physician collaboration. Researchers, doctors and patients at the Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC will have a private 5G+ and internet of things network. Data collected via the network will be used to make decisions about patient care and research, such as 3D imaging of tumors.

Mine operators in Russia and South America are using 5G connectivity to make operations more efficient and improve worker safety.