Cash is king. But for how long? Lots of banks are getting into digital payment mechanisms like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay and some are even experimenting with virtual currency.

Many think this means cash is on the way out. But while I think digital has many advantages, it’s time we give cash its due.

Here are five reasons digital money won’t completely replace cash:

1. Cash is public, issued by a central bank or other authority not handled by a private company. You’re not beholden to the banks when you pay in cash. You don’t need to pay a fee just to use it.

2. Cash is cross-platform compatible. You don’t have to find the store that takes legal tender like you do for Samsung Pay or Android pay. While some places may not accept cash, they’re rare, and it’s not because they couldn’t join the system — they just chose not to.

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3. The infrastructure is there. People can accept cash anywhere without needing special equipment or processing agreements.

4. There’s no bank account needed. Your customer won’t need to use a bank to pay in cash, meaning you can accept payments in cash in more markets.

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5. It’s private. Cash itself doesn’t track you. You don’t need to be doing anything nefarious to wish to buy a bottle of wine or a candy bar without a half dozen institutions knowing it and using that information to market to you without your consent.

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