Gen Z is quickly becoming the most mobile professional generation, according to a Thursday report from LinkedIn. Workers under age 24 averaged four or more jobs over the short period of time they’ve been in the workforce, and are 3X more likely to change jobs than Baby Boomers, who averaged just two jobs in the last 10 years, the report found after surveying 2,000 professionals in the US.

The desire to change roles is common across all age groups, the report found: More than 40% of all professionals said they are interested in making a career move, to either a different industry or a different role entirely. Of those who do pivot, 50% move to a new industry, while 60% made a complete career change, according to the report.

The data indicates that members of Gen Z are searching for the right job that aligns with their values, the report noted. While these professionals are at the start of their careers, many are not interested in climbing the corporate ladder: 80% of those in this age group said they would consider a total change in industry or job function, according to the findings. And half said they would consider relocating for a new role, while 20% said they would enjoy traveling for work.

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Still, professionals across age demographics are interested in keeping their career options open. Previous research found that 68% of workers admitted to fear that there may be better options out there, and the no. 1 regret respondents said they had with their careers was not trying harder to get their dream job.

When it comes to what Gen Z is looking for in a job, salary and benefits are not at the top of the list of priorities, the report found. Half of Gen Z professionals said they are staying at their current job simply because they enjoy it, while 45% said that work relationships were keeping them there (compared to 25% of workers over age 35). Nearly 40% said they were staying in their current role due to opportunities for development–30% said this was one of the things they valued most in their career.

Some 70% of all professionals said that their support system was one of the top factors contributing to success at work. Nearly 40% of those under age 24 said they would speak to their manager when thinking about a career change, while only 20% of those over age 45 said they would do the same. Gen Z workers are also comfortable going to their manager for honest advice about what to do next in their careers (65%) and additional learning opportunities (35%), the report found.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Gen Z workers are 3X more likely to change jobs than Baby Boomer workers. — LinkedIn, 2018
  • More than 40% of all professionals said they are interested in making a career move. — LinkedIn, 2018