Windows 10: Insider Preview Build 20180 has landed, here's what's new

Another new Preview Build for Windows Insiders, this time bringing theme-aware tiles to the Start menu amongst other improvements and fixes.

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Microsoft has delivered its latest Windows 10 Insider Preview – Build 20180 – which is now available for Windows Insiders via the Dev Channel.

The latest build brings a number of changes to the previous Windows 10 Preview Build 20161, which was released on 1 July and introduced new features including theme-aware tiles on the Start menu. This was previously only available to select Windows insiders. However, Preview Build 20180 now brings theme-aware tiles to all insiders. Another new pinned sites feature mentioned in Build 20175 is still only available to a subset of Insiders.

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Other tweaks to Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20180 include changes to the experience for Windows users on a two-in-one tablet device, changes made to the search box in default apps to improve performance, and an updated folder icon in the 'All apps' list of the Start menu, which has been made slightly smaller so that it aligns more neatly with the other icons in the list.

Coinciding with new Preview Build, a new Windows 10 SDK is also being released via the Dev Channel. In a blog post announcing Build 20180 on Windows Blog, Brandon LeBlanc, senior program manager for the Windows Insider Program, wrote: "The Windows SDK is now flighting continuously with the Dev Channel. Whenever a new OS build is flighted to the Dev Channel, the corresponding SDK will also be flighted."

Insider Preview Builds 20161 and below will expire on July 31st. To avoid hitting this expiration, Insider are reminded to update to Insider Preview Builds 20170 or newer.

A full list of new build features and updates can be found on Microsoft's Windows Insider Program documentation here. 

Fixes include sorting out an issue where the Magnifier wasn't following the curser in the previous build when the zoom was higher than 100%, and fixing a couple issues that could result in crashes when using Alt+Tab to switch to browser tabs. 

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