Stuff You Should Know team on Scientology, physics, and superpowers

Stuff You Should Know just might be the geekiest podcast around. Read our interviews with hosts Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant and producer Jeri Rowland.

Josh Clark, co-host of Stuff You Should Know (SYSK)

TechRepublic: What is the geekiest topic you've covered on the podcast? Why so? Josh Clark: We once recorded a podcast on tinnovators -- people who create cool, useful things out of old Altoids tins. One of the guys we covered creates Steampunk electroplated Altoids tins. So this guy managed to converge Steampunk subculture with tinnovator subculture, which is, far and away, the geekiest thing possible (and by geekiest, I mean incredibly successful). TechRepublic: What is your favorite topic that you've covered? Josh Clark: The CIA dosing Americans with LSD during the 1950s to learn it's usefulness in brainwashing. It's so mind-bending, and I'm proud to be the guys who taught it to so many other people. TechRepublic: What topic has SYSK not covered yet that you would like to? Josh Clark: I've long wanted to do a podcast on Edward Bernays, the guy who created Public Relations, or one on furries, people who dress up as plush animals. TechRepublic: How has your life been different than what you'd imagined? Josh Clark: Hundreds of thousands of people download and listen to our podcast. About 14,000 people follow us on Twitter and another 40,000 on Facebook. Last week Chuck and I finished filming a series of spots based on the way we see the world. I get to blog and write articles, which fulfills my dream of being a professional writer. And I am about to ask the girl of my dreams to marry me. Thank you for asking me that question. TechRepublic: Did you have a nickname? How'd you get it? Josh Clark: I haven't had a nickname since I was a kid; it was Pillsbury Doughboy. Kids can be mean. TechRepublic: Which character in a book best describes who you are? Josh Clark: Probably Boo Radley. TechRepublic: If you were any particular geometric shape what would it be? Josh Clark: Rhombus. I imagine rhombus for everybody. TechRepublic: What would you like to change about the world? Josh Clark: My perception of it. TechRepublic: Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence? Josh Clark: I would say super strength, since it's the one of the two that is the least developed in me. TechRepublic: What is your favorite motto or mantra? Josh Clark: At Stuff You Should Know, we have an official motto: To each his own so long as it doesn't hurt anybody else. That's good enough for now. Read our interview with Jeri Rowland.

By Nicole Nash

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