Quick tip: Dots are meaningless in your Gmail address

It makes no difference how many dots you include in your Gmail address or how you capitalize it.

It would seem like common sense - if your Gmail address is Albert.Einstein@gmail.com, the dot between your first and last name and the way in which your name is capitalized should uniquely identify you to rest of the emailing public. But, then again, everything is relative - in space-time and in Gmail accounts.

In fact, the dots in your Gmail address are meaningless and are completely ignored. The same goes for capitalization. To put it in perspective, every one of the following emails will end up in the same Gmail account's inbox:

  • albert.einstein@gmail.com
  • alberteinstein@gmail.com
  • Al.Bert.Ein.Stein@gmail.com

The dots and capitalization can help make the Gmail address easier to read for humans, but the Google Gmail servers don't even notice them.

Note: These rules don't apply to Google Apps accounts. If your organization is using an enterprise installation of Google Apps, your email address is your email address - dots count. I want to send a thank you out to Donovan Colbert who mentioned this tip in one of his Google+ posts.