Accessing NAS & Router behind VPN connection

By lightmstr ·
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I am trying to set things up right on my network. I just purchased a new asustor NAS drive and am pretty new at having one. One thing that I have noticed is when I am using my NORD VPN on my windows and Linux machines both I am unable to access the network and or view the NAS drive with my current settings.

Once again when NORD vpn is running on both my Linux machine and Windows Machine I am unable to access the NAS or network devices. This is also the case trying to access my TP-Link router.

Is there a way to set up the network properly and access my NAS drive local level while I am running the VPN ? I wonder if Windows firewall is preventing me from doing something., . . but then again its the same story with the Linux machine also .

The networking file sharing thing has bothered me for some time between my Linux Machine and Windows machine. Neither will talk to each other with the NORD VPN on...

Can someone help setup my network properlly and or can you suggest a solution for me ?

My Setup is pretty normal with just a router
– LINUX Machine
– Windows Machine
– NAS Drive
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That's what a VPN should do.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Accessing NAS & Router be ...

Remember this is a well discussed area. I will take the 5th and not duplicate the web here.

"If you connect to your VPN through your router, this will be avoided for sure, but if you have a client software on each device, then it can be hit or miss."

1. Configure the router to do all the VPN work so your LAN works as a LAN.
2. Configure your NAS connection so you can access the NAS from the Internet.

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why some people and not others

by lightmstr In reply to That's what a VPN should ...

Ive been kinda debating that but then some sites and or THINGS I run and access are not accessible from my VPN connections and or region such as my Pi ADSB server that shares its data publicly to other sites would not operate behind the VPN and or I suppose I would have to reconfigure that .

I can access the NAS using the internet and that is how ive been doing it for the moment other than simply shutting off the VPN app/connection.

When you say hit or miss why some users they can access their routers, NAS drives and so fourth without an issue when connected to VPN?

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I don't know.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to why some people and not o ...

Remember that in my network background reaching back to the 90's when I wrote router code, a VPN should work AS IF I plugged my PC into that Virtual Private Network. Since our NAS is not on that network it's proper for the NAS to not show up.

So if the NAS can be reached from the Virtual Private Network over the Internet then the VPN is operating just like it should.

Remember this is a well done area. If we break a VPN then it's no longer a VPN but a leaky (broken) VPN. Which leads us to why you don't find a definitive guide out there on how to do this.

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