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    Can I broadcast WiFi with a modem connected to Ethernet?

    by bengojer ·


    I work in a coworking space and we access wifi on all of our computers (around 30). The wifi comes from the building. The building told us that they are reconfiguring their wifi at the end of the day and my boss wants to not deal with that by going out and buying a modem or router that we can then plug into the ethernet port in our wall and use to send out wifi to the office. Will this work? Thank you for any tips/insight.

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      Provided that the LAN Connection works

      by oh smeg ·

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      You don’t need a Modem just a Switch/Hun with a WiFi Access Point will do the job but it may not suit your needs as it could have limited range and bandwidth.

      The real issue is things like Electrical Fittings and walls that cause problems as well as different floors as WiFi doesn’t propergrate in multi planes but tends to spread out in a single plane so people on other floors may not get a usable signal or may get a poor signal that is constantly slowing down as it it overusing the error correction and killing the available bandwidth.

      The next problem is that internal walls may have metal in them and stop or at the very least weaken Wireless Signals and cause reception issues.

      Finially having 30 computers calling on a single WiFi Point at a single time while certianly possible will mean that the available bandwidth is split into 30 different streams and make everything slow to the point where things become almost unusable.

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