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    Check file system (FS) on iSCSI Drive


    by tewffik ·

    I have NAS QNAP, and it has two (2) LUN iSCSI. One (3To) is for ESXi (intiator) and second ( 600Go) is for Windows Server (File server).
    Windows server ( VM on ESXi) has 3 partitions: partition c: and partition D: are on local datastore and the third partition E: is on iSCSI Drive

    When i open qnap web admin page, it notifie me to check FS because is not clean. no problem to access data.
    But i have cobian job witch copy data from partition D: to E: (iSCSI Drive)
    the job finish (success) with File System errors (Not all folders or files).
    i assume that the problem is on this space storage.

    I think topology is clear.
    I need to know how i can do chkdsk /F on iscsi drive, because when i run it on E: partition, it tell me to unmount drive..i never did this.
    can i make this disk offline? if i do it i think it will be not displayed, so i can not run the command !

    Now nas qnap has about 14 To of DATA, how can i do the check FS SAFELY ? as reminder, there are two (2) LUNs on it so nas qnap is target iSCSI for ESXi (few VMS not all) and is target iSCSI for windows server.
    i need help to understand the best approach to do this operation safely.

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      Never safe enough.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Check file system (FS) on iSCSI Drive

      Only the new folk would think there’s a way to do such safely and WITHOUT BACKUP COPIES.

      No matter how many times I’ve seen this discussion there’s always folk that want to keep data but never backup copies.

      Let me sum it up: “No backup? No data.” (eventually.)

      Now for Windows we set the flag for checking the file system on the next boot: You can research this further but it’s something like CHKDSK /X /F /R D: Change the driver letter as needed.

      As to the QNAP, I decline at this time because I can’t guess what OS or system your model has. Google QNAP CHKDSK to start but again, lack of details means I can’t start a discussion there.

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        Reply To: Check file system (FS) on iSCSI Drive

        by tewffik ·

        In reply to Never safe enough.

        Hi rproffitt
        You can never do chkdsk /f /r on iSCSI Drive on the next boot, because iSCSI Drive work after ISCSI service start !

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