How is Fing app able to map a device to its Make and model number?

I use fing app on iPhone. I have an up camera from Samsung. Fing app is able to discover and tell me its model number SAMSUNG-SNH-P6410BN-MAC.

I would like to ask if anyone can suggest how is Fing app finding a model number of a camera. Rest of it is understandable but SNH-P6410BN is a specific model number of the camera.
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Fing device recognition

by carlo1573718954 In reply to How is Fing app able to m ...

Fing Device recognition is a specific feature that is included in all Fing products: the consumer ones like Fing app, Fingbox and Fing desktop, but also B2B services like device recognition services for business.
Fing leverages network protocol data and information to fingerprint devices and recognise them.
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Put very simply the App in question

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to How is Fing app able to m ...

Asks the other devices connected what they are and they tell it.

As for the Make and Model of different devices this comes from the BIOS of the device so the request is made at the BIOS Level of devices not at the OS Level.

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