Internet speed constantly falls to 0 and comes back up after a few seconds

By CaioAqueleLindo ·
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Hello! I'm here to ask you for help. As the title says, my internet download speed falls to zero many times in a minute, and I don't know why. It falls suddenly, and after 5-15 seconds it comes back up. I've noticed that only the download speed does it, upload doesn't. It doesn't happen all day long, but it happens everyday, and it's been happening for around a year. I've contacted internet provider but they don't seem to wanna help.

My router is a TP-Link TL-WR840N, connected to the antena via ethernet to the WAN. From the routers LAN, goes one cable to my PC and only.

I'm leaving you with a 10 minutes register of my download speed, where you can check the problem live.

[CSV Table of my connection speed]

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Re: download speed

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Internet speed constantly ...

My questions:
1. What is the "antena"?
2. What happens if you connect your PC/laptop directly to the modem in stead of to the router?
3. What happens if you connect another PC/laptop directly the modem?
4. How do you measure the download speed?
5. What kind of Internet connection (cable, ADSL, satellite, glass fiber) and what speed do you pay for?

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Re: download speed

by CaioAqueleLindo In reply to Re: download speed

Oh, hey!
1) The antenna is what gets the signal from the internet tower into my router
2) I never tested it
3) I don't have another PC to test it
4) I measure the internet speed using StarTrinity.CST, cuz it gives me the most detailed results. But other apps and sites show the same drop downs of the internet.
5) It's radio connection

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Re: download speed

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Re: download speed

- It could be something in your PC. That's why test with another device (like a PC or laptop).
- It could be something in your router. That's why you test without the router and with WiFi in stead of Ethernet (using a phone or tablet).
- It could be something with the antenna (like location). That's why you test with a different location or a different antenna or (that would be nice) with a neighbour using the same wireless ISP.

Two things are sure:
1. If your neighbour doesn't have the problems, it's something with you.
2. If your neighhour has the same problems, it's something with the ISP.

Did it ever work correctly? Or has it always been bad?

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That router shipped in 2013.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Internet speed constantly ...

It could be time. My checklist for a home user which differs from a service or technician visit is as follows:

Be sure the router is 20 feet or less to the PC and the usual test with another PC along with the full power cycles have been completed.

1. Update the router firmware (remember that we always use the maker's instructions for this.)
2. Hard reset the router and set it up again.
- TEST! If the system works DO NOT CONTINUE with any list or advice.
3. Hard wire the PC to the router. TEST!!!
4. If this fails then we turn to a test without the router. Power down the network and PC then wire directly to the ISP gear (modem.) TEST!

At this point report back to the forum what the results are.

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