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    Is it worth running fibre through my house rather than copper?


    by sungi


    Hi guys,

    I bought a house last year that’s needed work – won’t bore you with the specifics of as it’s not network related, but it’s been a bit of a pain, to put it mildly.

    One of my planned projects before we bought it was to run an internal network – in the end we’ve ended up with the router at a front corner of the house and we both work at the back, and the speeds are pretty bad. We get 1Gbps down wired into the router as we have FTTP, but upstairs you’re doing well to get 100 at the back of the house and my PC is run through a power line adapter, which maxes out at around 50. Basically I’m getting nothing like what I pay for unless I’m sat in front of the router hardwired into it.

    I’ll be honest – I was a copper trained engineer for Openreach, for those in the UK so I know enough about the technicalities of copper networking however I’m not fibre trained, and I’m thinking of the future. I know very little about the technicalities of fibre, other than speed go brrrr.

    Is it worth me getting somebody in to run fibre through the house rather than copper? I can do copper myself but if I’m doing this, I’m only doing it once so that’s my logic. I’d rather pay to do it right first time than end up annoyed I didn’t put fibre in 馃榾 There’s nothing existing I can use, we’ve got copper behind the walls for phone extensions but that’s about it.

    I also want a garden office/bar type arrangement at some point which is a good 25 metres from the router, and in between there’s 10 metres of house so wireless probably isn’t idea.

    Am I crazy or is this worth it?


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