Live broadcasting via Internet. The case of live sport.

By Anjjey ·
I try to better understand how live sports broadcasting affects network congestion.

If I and the folk in a neighboring apartment watch the same game live, broadcasted by the same service (e.g. Hulu LiveTV) does it make a double network load? Or our local router gets only one signal for us both and then split it and send it to our receivers separately? In short, does the network congestion depend on how many people in the neighborhood watch the same live game from the same broadcasting service, or the whole neighborhood gets the same signal from the server?

Any help is highly appreciated.
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I highly doubt this is the case

by engineeringera In reply to Live broadcasting via Int ...

Wifi speeds depend on how many people are connected to the router. unless those individuals are sharing the wifi from a single device, the speed shouldn't fall off - and I dont think this is the case with you. Please specify on the details OP!

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