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Netware 5 Cache buffers stat

By grbeckmeyer ·
I just asked this question, but the answers were off track, so I thought I would try to clarify. I'm trying to find the Cache Buffers percentage for a Netware 5 server. I know Netware 4 displayed it under the "Resources" menu on the console monitor, but there is no resources menu on a Netware 5 console monitor. I'm pretty sure this stat still exists, as I saw it displayed on a loader screen for Backup Exec (it was too low, so Backup Exec would not load) and yes, I've already added memory to this server and it is running fine now. However, my company gives reports to customers on their servers, and cache buffers was an easy to understand number - Below 60%, add memory. We would like to find something that simple for our Netware 5 customers.

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Netware 5 Cache buffers stat

by rogerndgreen In reply to Netware 5 Cache buffers s ...

You can find the details you want (with a little bit of work) on the monitor.nlm screen.
Divide the total cache buffers by the original cache buffers.
If it's less than 50%, add more RAM.
Between 50% & 70%, keep an eye on it. It may be a downward trend (in which case add more RAM) or it may be stationary (in which case leave alone if you're not having any other problems.
More than 70%, OK.

You could also use Monitor in another way to detect if more physical RAM is required.
You can first check the amount of server memory currently available for disk cache from MONITOR's Available Options > System Resources > Server Memory Statistics > Cache Buffer Memory.

In MONITOR's General Information window, locate Long Term Cache Hits.
Note the percentage of Long Term Cache Hits displayed.

The percentage of Long Term Cache Hits should exceed 90 percent. If it falls below this value, the solution is to add more RAM to the server.


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Netware 5 Cache buffers stat

by grbeckmeyer In reply to Netware 5 Cache buffers s ...

Thanks, don't know why I didn't think of doing the calculation myself

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