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    Point of sales network help


    by dickwhitfield ·

    I currently have a Spectrum modem and router. Right now it is only used for WIFI and security cameras remote access. This is in a new restaurant that is opening soon. The owner wants to have a secure network for his Point of Sale credit card transactions. He also wants to continue to have access to the cameras and offer free WIFI to his customers. The POS system is all hardwired. What is the simplest way to accomplish this? I think the POS and the cameras/guest access should be separate networks but not really sure how to accomplish that.

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      Two ideas.

      by rproffitt ·

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      1. Ask Spectrum for their solution.
      2. Research BEAMBOX.

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      by melbajking01 ·

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      Ensuring a secure Point of Sale (POS) network while maintaining access to security cameras and offering free WIFI is crucial for a new restaurant. To achieve this, consider configuring separate VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) for the POS system, cameras, and guest access on your Spectrum modem and router. This helps compartmentalize the networks, enhancing security for credit card transactions. It’s akin to the delicate balance in creating coconut rice with egg – distinct elements coexisting harmoniously. Seek guidance from Spectrum’s support or forums for specific instructions tailored to your equipment and requirements.

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      The Point of Sale (POS) network serves as the backbone of retail operations, facilitating transactions, inventory management, and customer service. It helps streamline sales processes, track product movements, manage customer data, and provide valuable insights for business decision-making. In essence, a robust POS network enhances efficiency, accuracy, and overall customer experience within retail environments.

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