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    System update


    by justin013094 ·

    I have a Noria tablet made by Chromo, I purchased it from a Goodwill computer store and have performed a reset via the system settings menu. However I am unable to get the tablet to perform a system update. When I press the Check for System Updates button, it will go to a loading screen where it “sits and spins” until it times out and returns to the system settings menu. Is there any way I can force an update? This tablet is model number ZX-x15, It is running android version 4.1.1 And Kernel version 3.0.8-InfoTMIC fxi@ubuntu #1. System Updates line reads: build20130822

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      System update

      by beauty4young ·

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      You can try to update it on your computer via the data cable

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        by tedbaker1 ·

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        Agree. That’s what I also can advise you.

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