TPLINK router security breach.

By m.ahmad8112 ·
Hi, i am running an ISP. Yesterday something happened that was unimaginable for me. About 100 routers got cyber attack at once that just hit tplink routers. I am using TL 840N routers in my network. 840N has 3 or 4 types that i know of. The type that have 3 or more lights just tempered configuration but the type that have only 1 round light they are all dead can't turn on. All the routers had default passwords. How is it possible to short-circuit the router by cyber attack. Is there any solution to awake the dead routers?
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If the routers are dead, how dead are they?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to TPLINK router security br ...

Here I can usually bring back dead routers by flashing in the latest ROM images. I won't describe this process because you are a professional and know that the steps to do this can vary with make, model and time.

That's the extreme recovery since most of these can be brought back with a factory reset but in my view the routers always should run the latest release.

Finally, if the routers haven't been updated to block such attacks then it's a call to the makers to see if there are plans to get new firmware out soon or maybe these are what they call END OF LIFE and need to be replaced.

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