How to stay cybersecure while traveling for business: 6 tips (free PDF)

Business travelers are some of the most at-risk victims of cyberattacks, but don’t seem to realize it, according to an IBM Security report conducted by Morning Consult. The transportation industry has become the second-most attacked industry, and since January 2018, some 566 million records have been either leaked or compromised in the travel industry, the report found. While the majority of business professionals (70%) engage in high-risk behavior during travel, only 40% said they believed they would be targeted for cybercrimes while on the road, the report found.

More than 70% of Americans surveyed said they have connected to public Wi-Fi, charged their devices using public USB stations, or enabled auto-correct on their devices–all actions that put their information at risk, the report said.

The report outlined the following six ways business travelers can protect themselves against cyberattacks while in transit. Learn more in this free TechRepublic PDF download.

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