Active-Active Replication: Considerations for High Availability

As your organization’s data becomes more and more critical, you need a way to ensure it’s never compromised by unscheduled downtime – due to a system crash or malfunction – or scheduled downtime – due to patches or upgrades to Oracle, the operating system, or applications, and storage replacement.

In this educational paper, you’ll gain step-by-step guidance to easily achieve high availability using active-active replication, also known as peer-to-peer, master-to-master, active-active, or multi-active server replication.

This paper will show you how a horizontal scaling of the application over multiple servers allows propagation of changes to more than one server. If everything is done properly, end users will not see any outages from the application.

Find out how you can take full advantage of this promising replication method to attain more uptime, and even make the five 9s – or just 6 minutes of unscheduled downtime a year – a reality in your environment.

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