Survey Report: The Gap Between Executive Awareness and Enterprise Security

There’s little doubt that security is no longer just an IT issue. The evolution of cyber threats have forced CEOs and board members to become more involved in security initiatives. But do IT teams trust CEOs on Security?

Apparently not. According to a new global survey, 61% of IT professionals believe CEOs do not know enough about cybersecurity, while 53% believe their CEO makes business decisions without regard to cybersecurity. “The Gap Between Executive Awareness and Enterprise Security” survey, sponsored by CyberArk, also looked to identify the main barriers for improving organisational security including:

  • 75% of respondents cited budgeting issues as the primary barrier to improving cyber security;
  • In the face of a growing cyber security skills gap, 53% cited the lack of expertise as a primary barrier.

    Additionally, endpoint security and privileged account security were cited as the top two organizational security priorities over the coming year.

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