Digital transformation has taken ahold of nearly every industry, as enterprises battle for competitive edge in a newly digital age. However, enterprises still struggle with a number of common issues as they begin to transition legacy equipment out and more customer-focused tools in.

Here are 10 TechRepublic articles with digital transformation tips and advice that will help enterprises better make the transition.

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1. The top 10 barriers to digital transformation

An inability to experiment quickly, legacy systems, and difficulties working across silos top the list of top barriers to digital transformation, according to a report from the Harvard Business Review and Scout RFP. In this story, I explore the top barriers to digital transformation, as well as some solutions for businesses to overcome them.

2. 10 companies that are spearheading digital transformation in their industry

Several businesses have seen positive results from early digital efforts. While this list is by no means comprehensive, in this article, I explore 10 companies across different industries that have seen positive results from early digital transformation projects.

3. 10 books to help you lead digital transformation

Many companies lack the capacity and time needed to experiment and execute new digital strategies, according to Marc Cecere, vice president and principal analyst on Forrester’s CIO role team. Oftentimes, employees lack needed analytics skills and customer experience design skills. These 10 books can help you learn more about why digital transformation is imperative to the success of your business, and how to get started.

4. The 6 rules of digital transformation: How IT can get in the game

A number of technologies and tools are required for a company to achieve digital transformation, along with standards and principles that need to be followed for a company to achieve success in that journey, according to Bain & Company. Here, TechRepublic senior editor Conner Forrest walks through six IT design rules for digital transformation.

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5. 10 bad habits CIOs must break if they want to see digital transformation success

In this article, I outline the most common pitfalls that can harm a CIO’s value within their organization, keeping them from ultimately achieving their digital goals. These include spending all of your time putting out fires, failing to invest in training, and ignoring business goals.

6. 5 things CIOs need to lead digital transformation

As every business becomes a digital business, the role of the CIO is evolving. Here, TechRepublic global editor in chief Jason Hiner walks through practical tips for becoming a transformational leader and an operations guru at the same time.

7. Why CIOs must step up to lead digital transformation efforts

As tech leads business models to shift, CIOs are best equipped to tackle digital transformation efforts, according to a new report from Deloitte. In this article, I explain how these tech professionals can get started on digital efforts.

8. 10 tech tools that will help bring digital transformation to your SMB

Digital transformation projects are underway at many small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), but the typical company has not prioritized efforts including cloud, mobility, analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) when it comes to IT spending, according to IDC research. Here, I walk through 10 apps, tools, and platforms on the market that may help SMBs with their digital journey.

9. 8 digital transformation resolutions for CIOs in 2018

Organizations of all sizes are adopting digital technologies to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue. In this article, TechRepublic contributing writer Mary Shacklett offers eight resolutions for CIOs looking to move ahead with digital transformation efforts this year.

10. What CEOs are getting wrong when it comes to digital transformation

Despite efforts to innovate, most C-suite structures remain unchanged. Here, I explain seven tips from experts and analysts for getting the maximum value from your leadership team.