The most in-demand skills for tech professionals are programming languages, according to a recent Daily infographics report. While there are plenty of lists outlining the most popular programming languages, software company JetBrains compiled a list of the programming languages developers actually used the most in the past year.

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Nearly 7,000 respondents were considered in The Developer Ecosystem Survey 2019, the majority of whom (75%) identified as developers, programmers, or software engineers. Most of these professionals (44%) said they occupied mid-level job positions, and resided around the globe.

To help developers keep their skills up to date and relevant, the report identified the following 10 programming languages used most in the past year:

  1. JavaScript (69%)
  2. HTML/CSS (61%)
  3. SQL (56%)
  4. Java (50%)
  5. Python (49%)
  6. Shell scripting languages (40%)
  7. PHP (29%)
  8. TypeScript (25%)
  9. C# (24%)
  10. C++ (20%)

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