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As more companies begin picking up their hiring rate, many employers need to cater to the wants of potential employees. Ceridian has released its findings from a survey of nearly 3,000 people in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia. The human resource firm keyed in on three main areas that are most attractive to new and current employees as 2022 begins.

The good news for companies going on a hiring spree is that many employees are feeling open to new challenges in the workplace and optimistic about work prospects as many look to re-enter the workforce this year.

1. Workers want more flexibility

A large finding in this poll was that the outlook of employees’ work futures was positive. Many companies are now resuming their hiring practices in addition to giving opportunities for current employees to receive promotions and raises to maintain workers’ satisfaction. Of those surveyed, 64% said they feel optimistic about their work future this year, and 22% indicated that a promotion is on the list of their work goals.

“I was encouraged to see that the majority of workers globally feel optimistic about their work life in 2022–especially given the challenges we’ve faced in the last two years,” said Susan Tohyama, chief human resources officer at Ceridian. “I think this reflects a level of resilience that will continue to be vital in the year ahead and one employers should take note of and lean into.”

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Ceridian notes in its blog that keeping optimism high among employees should be a key focus for companies as employees re-enter the workforce from the mass layoffs that affected work on a global scale in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to the report, 21% of those surveyed are prioritizing finding different roles with one employer in 2022 and beyond, which allows employees to expand their skill sets and find opportunities for growth within the company.

2. Workers want elastic hiring within the workplace

The human resource firm noted that employers should embrace a practice coined “elastic hiring,” aligning employees with different roles as needed to fit those skills. Ceridian’s chief human resources officer said companies should be more receptive to employees inhabiting a number of different responsibilities as workers look to expand their horizons in their careers.

“Elastic hiring is essentially the same concept as the gig economy but applied within a company–leveraging workers’ individual skills against projects and company goals, and moving employees around as needed,” Tohyama said. “Employees are looking for job mobility opportunities like this. Our research shows that one-in-five Americans would be interested in having more than one job with one employer and want the increased freedom, exposure and flexibility that comes with it. This approach will likely become more common as forward-thinking companies are looking to motivate, develop and retain their talent.”

This practice of elastic hiring also gives employees a chance to show executives what skills they possess and set workers up for potential promotions down the road by showcasing their ability to adapt to fluid situations.

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3. Workers want increased benefits

Ceridian found in its survey that broadening the benefits offered to employees and making life easier during hybrid work was overwhelmingly popular among those that were polled. A good opportunity for employers to do this is by emphasizing the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of their employees in a variety of ways.

“There are many benefits to a hybrid workforce, including enhanced work-life balance and flexibility. However, adjusting to a hybrid work model can come with challenges,” Tohyama said. “Formalizing more intentional connections through sponsorship and mentorship, encouraging mobility, investing in seamless onboarding and leveraging the right workforce technologies are a few musts for employers to consider when thinking about how to improve the experience for hybrid or remote employees.”

As some hybrid and remote employees adjust for unknowns like the omicron variant, workers need to feel that their employers have their wellbeing in mind, and companies should take action on lessening these burdens. One way employers can do this is by taking notice of changes within vacation policies and adding financial resources to ensure the prosperity of employees moving forward.

The companies that embrace these changes and assist staff with maintaining a healthy work-life balance will be the employers of choice for employees moving forward.

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