On Tuesday, FeaturedCustomers released its rankings of the best IT asset management software vendors. These services are used to manage and take inventory of hardware and software used throughout an organization.

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FeaturedCustomers’s 2020 Spring Customer Success Report (PDF) outlined the market leaders, top performers, and rising stars in the industry. The rankings were determined based on data from FeaturedCustomers’s customer reference platform, market presence, web presence, and social presence as well as additional data aggregated from online sources and media properties.

“We have just under a million or so case studies, success stories, and testimonials from all these different software vendors,” said Jeff Eichel, founder and CEO of FeaturedCustomers.

“We have an algorithm that we use that goes in and looks at the customer reference data. Then the engine algorithm calculates a ranking for each company within a sector,” he said.

The Customer Success Report covers a wide array of sectors, which are determined by the most searched services within the platform, Eichel said. Asset management software is one of those services.

Importance of IT asset management software

The value in IT asset management software lies in the insights it provides. Taking inventory of systems helps companies make informed decisions on future purchases and how they leverage current assets, according to the report.

The software helps organizations avoid buying redundant assets and helps reduce the costs of unknowingly creating new IT projects on outdated infrastructure foundations, the report found.

IT asset management software can be combined with risk, contractual, inventory, or financial management processes to better handle the lifecycle of the company’s assets, facilitating efficient decision making, according to the report.

Choosing the right IT asset management software can be a challenge. The report identified the following vendors that stand out among the rest.

Market leaders in IT asset management software

  1. Asset Panda
  2. Device42
  3. Flexera
  4. Freshservice
  5. SysAid Technologies

Top performers in IT asset management software

  1. Axios
  2. Certero
  3. Ivanti
  4. Nlyte Software

Rising stars in IT asset management software

  1. Giva Service Management Suite
  2. InvGate

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