5 employment barriers workers will face in 10 years

While automation will advance the workplace, it will also present obstacles, according to an Infosys report.

Why employers need to build workers' digital skills

Automation is already changing the workplace, forcing human employees to adopt new skills for a digital economy, according to a recent Infosys report. While automation will continue to present barriers for workplace success in the next decade, it's not the only obstacle companies should watch out for, the report found.

The report surveyed approximately 700 hiring managers, school administrators, traditional talent, and unconventional talent to determine future challenges for the workforce. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology have caused a tech talent gap in the enterprise--a problem that will stretch across the next 10 years, the report found.

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Including the talent gap, the report identified the following five biggest barriers employees will face in the next decade:

  1. Automation and AI replacing jobs (35%)
  2. Large applicant pool for a limited number of jobs (19%)
  3. Underdeveloped digital or technical skills (14%)
  4. Jobs that require minimum years' experience (13%)
  5. Jobs being moved overseas (10%)

Companies across the board are providing training and development opportunities to help mitigate the digital and technical skills gap, however, the training isn't very advanced, the report found.

Training that is currently meant to help upskill employees is instead teaching low-level digital abilities, the report found. Rather than focusing on advanced technical skills to help drive future goals and initiatives, the majority (54%) of hiring managers said they are being taught basic computer skills.

The responsibility falls upon companies to make bigger time and monetary investments in technical training, the report determined. In order to have an adequately trained workforce, organizations must provide the necessary tools.

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