More than half of tech employees do not consider their workplace to be healthy, according to a Wednesday report from anonymous workplace review service Blind.

A toxic workplace culture is among the top three reasons for employee burnout, a previous Blind report found, which can lead to turnover and poor health outcomes. Negative corporate cultures with low morale, excessive gossip, and high employee absenteeism rates can also increase the likelihood of project failure, TechRepublic’s Moira Alexander wrote.

Blind surveyed 12,549 of its app users who identified as technology employees by answering true or false question: “I consider my current workplace a healthy working environment.” Some 52% said false, while 48 said true.

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The report also broke down results by companies with at least 100 employee responses. Here are the 12 companies where the most employees reported an unhealthy work environment:

  1. Intel (49%)
  2. Amazon (47%)
  3. eBay (45%)
  4. Oracle (43%)
  5. Cisco (40%)
  6. Intuit (37%)
  7. Facebook (35%)
  8. Apple (33%)
  9. Microsoft (32%)
  10. Uber (30%)
  11. Google (24%)
  12. LinkedIn (17%)

It should be noted that there was no control group for this survey, so it’s unclear how other industries and companies would fare. The survey question also did not offer a definition for a “healthy working environment,” so it’s likely that respondent definitions are varied.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • 52% of tech employees said the do not feel that they work in a healthy environment. — Blind, 2018
  • A toxic workplace culture is among the top three reasons for employee burnout. — Blind, 2018