We caught up with Verizon’s Ronan Dunne at Mobile World Congress 2018 to talk about 5G. One of the things we talked about is when businesses will start rolling out 5G pilot projects as well as the first industries that are likely to take advantage of 5G.

You can watch the video above or read the transcript below.

Dunne said, “So in building out this 5G ecosystem, Verizon is talking to customers in a whole range of sectors. The early conversations that are going on now in areas like in retail, in manufacturing, and precision engineering, also in health, are starting to get really, really interesting. So over the coming months, we will see some of the use cases being developed out for those sectors, and start to see who the early adopters are likely to be. I would certainly watch for retail and manufacturing to be at the forefront of that development.”

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Dunne continued, “From a 5G mobility point of view, we still have to wait for 5G radios to be available, and then the devices. What I would imagine is towards the back end of this year in laboratory environments, but in 2019, we start to see real field trials take place. Again, imagine that devices will probably start to become available [in 2018] handsets, in the early part of 2019.

“The density of the network will mean that [it will be] really, really precise when you have to locate something to a very, very sharp point. Also, latency, where you need the response times to be really, really low to allow a precision engineering type activity to take place. And also where you need massive capacity for a moment for bursts of data that needs to be sent. So for mission-critical plans and mission-critical activities, maybe in a manufacturing environment, in a health or laboratory type environment. So those three elements of the low latency, massive capacity for bursts at really, really high speed–and really, really tight precision in the locations within the network–those will be three key elements.”