Artificial intelligence (AI) is disrupting every industry, including project management, according to a Monday report from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Of 551 project managers surveyed globally, 81% said their organization is being impacted by AI technologies, the AI Innovators: Cracking the Code on Project Performance report found. The proportion of projects that are managed with AI is expected to jump from 23% to 37% in the next three years, project managers reported.

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The growth in AI usage will require changes in how projects are managed, and how organizations implement strategy, the report noted.

The report identified six AI technologies that are impacting organizations around the globe. The following three are currently impacting the largest number of businesses, it found:

  1. Knowledge-based systems: Understands the context of the data being processed, helping support human learning and decision making.
  2. Machine learning: Analyzes data to build models by detecting patterns, yielding improved decision making with minimal human intervention.
  3. Decision management: Creates an intelligent process or set of processes based on rules and logic to automate decision making.

Project managers predict that in the next three years, the impact of the following three AI technologies will grow:

  1. Expert systems: Emulates and mimics human intelligence, skills or behavior in a particular field, topic or skill.
  2. Deep learning: Builds, trains and tests neural networks that predict outcomes and/or classify unstructured data based on probabilities.
  3. Robotic process automation: Mimics and automates human tasks to support corporate processes.

“What this report shows is that the time is now to start thinking about how organizations can leverage AI technologies to achieve project success,” Michael DePrisco, vice president of global solutions at PMI, said in a press release. “Since project professionals are largely responsible for helping to implement change, they will play a critical role in influencing the adoption of these technologies in their organizations.”

Implementing AI into project management plans will require more than just rolling out the technology, DePrisco added—it will mean creating a new mindset and learning culture.

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Image: iStockphoto/gorodenkoff